Cameroon: CRTV to launch new programmes


The General Manager of CRTV last week announced the launching that includes several of "must watch" productions. The Cameroon Radio and Television Corporation (CRTV), dubbed the "heart of the nation", is henceforth determined to keep its audiences panting with enthusiasm as they prepare to introduce new programmes over the channel.

There are indications that the audience's desires will be met. During a press lunch on May 5, in Yaounde, the General Manager (GM) of CRTV, Amadou Vamoulke announced the launching of the new programme season of his corporation for this year on May 7, in Maroua.

According to Amadou Vamoulke, new elements in the programmes are not the mere change of names, but also in the method of approach and content. The titles of some of the programmes may give the impression of "déja entendu" but the GM says there is more to discover especially as the new programmes of high standards are geared towards meeting the preoccupations of the Cameroonian and international audience on news, entertainment and sports.

At the press lunch, Amadou Vamoulke said the new programme season is not only an opportunity for CRTV's audience to be acquainted with the new vision of the corporation, which is service-oriented, but also takes into account the aspirations of Cameroonians by giving each citizen the feeling that he/she is part of nation building through programmes wherein they will identify their cultures and traditions.

During a live TV show in Maroua, on May 7, to mark the launching of the new programme season, viewers will have a foretaste of innovations which will consolidate CRTV as a meeting point, where the cultural values and traditions of Cameroonians in all diversities are met.

Some of the new radio programmes are "Que dit la loi?" "Les chemins de la foi", "Espace International", "Cameroon Yesterday and Today", "Kids Forum" and "Regard". Information indicates that "Que dit la Loi" is different from the former programme on the same subject "Le point du Droit". "

Cameroon Yesterday and Today" is not only about where you are coming from or where you are going to, but will give listeners the civic education they need. "Kids Forum" is a programme for children by children. On TV, some ten new programmes have been announced.

Soap opera lovers will not need to switch to foreign channels to watch "Tinsel", a popular soap opera in West and South Africa. CRTV will be broadcasting Tinsel to viewers. Friday nights have been set aside for films.

There will also be a new sports magazine: "Fields of Passion", TV games such as "Quiz Code, "Brain Box" and documentaries such as "Icons" or "This is My Story". With all these new programmes, CRTV is thus determined to be at the heart of Cameroonians.