Distribution - In Brief


- In Cannes, 12 young filmmakers were invited to participate to Made of World Cinema, a program established by the Pavilion “Cinemas of the World” to promote the emergence of new talent in the South. Six out of the twelve filmmakers were from Africa; Developed under the Film Market, the program aimed primarily at first and second films, combines sessions supervised by professionals, individual interviews, screenings at the Cannes Film Market and presentations of short films at Cannes Short Film Short Film Corner. The other singularity of the Pavilion’s concept is a unique collaboration between institutions and media: RFI, TV5 Monde, France 24 and Canal France International had their studios on the Pavilion and hosted live broadcasts.  Here is the African film makers’ selection:
Benin: Idrissou Mora Kpai, film maker, “Indochine, sur les traces d’une mère », docu-film. Egypt: Ms. Ayten Amin, film maker - « 69 Messaha Square » project  Morocco: Mohamed Achaour, film maker, “Un Film » Senegal: Hubert laba Ndao, film maker, “Dakar trottoirs » project Senegal: Didier Awadi, film maker, producer, « Le point de vue du lion » Tunisia: Walid Tayaa, film maker, “Fataria, sommet arabe », project and the film “Vivre »