displays the Cameroonian film industry

Technology & Convergence is not only a review site for moviegoers. It is above all a multitude of tools at the service of the Cameroonian film production industry. It highlights news, investment plans, movie rentals, key contacts, actors’ files and events’ agenda, training and even a trade market. Three companies are behind it: Technograde (Canada), 2PG Pictures (Cameroun - France) and DLG Films (Cameroun).

"I am happy to see dozens of cinema theatres in Burkina Faso, while we have none in Cameroon. This is proof that there is a market in Africa, "says Gervais Djimeli founder of With this in mind, he decided to create back in February 2010, the first website dedicated to the seventh art in his country. "Cameroonian cinema is back after a deep coma," said the editor and director of training. But this local movie industry could wake up in the months to come. "The years 2012 and 2013 will be decisive for Cameroon to take a seat among the great powers of African cinema," notes Djimeli Gervais. One thing is sure, if this good omen is realized, its website will be useful for many.

With little money - the project was self-funded - the website has become an indispensable tool for film promotion in Cameroon. "After only one year of existence, we have reached 177,777 visits. This success is undoubtedly due to the wide range of services offered by In addition to film critics, the site also offers a bank of promising projects. "The goal is to link producers, scriptwriters and directors," says Gervais Djimeli, passionate about his project. The site team has even provided a list of 400 actors, "The Directory of Cameroon who is the strength of an emerging film industry," says the site.

The latest addition of is home video. The site offers movie rentals and equipment for private screenings. "Ideally, we target companies that could stream movies to their employees, and thus invest in the Cameroonian film," said Gervais before Djimeli moderate his ambitions, "but we lack the means to promote this activity."

Visibility that could grow rapidly since was selected by the ‘Kamerun Goethe Institute’ as an element for the development of an African and European film portal.