A24 Media offers a film catalogue dedicated to Mothers Day and Children victims of aggressions


Mothers Day (2nd May) is an annual holiday that celebrates mothers, the women in our lives, and their contributions to society. This is in great contrast to the International day of innocent children victims of aggression (June 4) that acknowledges the pain suffered by children throughout the world who are victims of physical, mental and emotional abuse.

Throughout history, women have suffered acts of violence from society. They have been raped, beaten and exploited. Innocent children have also undergone these same acts of aggression.
A24 media commemorates the women and children by educating society on their plight.

Videos on offer:

Healing power of words:

In the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo, women and children are constantly the subject of physical abuse, psychological torture and domestic violence. Many of them, rape victims, suffer in silence. Meet Mariette Paluku Nzaira, or Mama Mariette, a woman who has dedicated her life to listening to fellow women who have faced the brutality of war and girls who have been raped and eventually become mothers at tender age. Mariette’s “listening house” is where the victims whose hearts have been tired can talk without the fear of being rejected by the community, and a house where the women’s internal wounds are healed, and where they are set on a road to recover their former lives and also continue living and taking care of their families.

Cote d’lvoire sexual violence:

While Cote d'Ivoire is steadily working towards sustainable peace, many children continue to be victims of rape and other forms of gender-based violence. UNICEF says that twenty-five percent of girls and women between ten and 49 years have been victims of sexual violence at least once in their lifetime.

Swaziland sexual abuse:

UNICEF is supporting the government of Swaziland to protect the rights of girls after a survey revealed an alarmingly high level of sexual and physical abuse.

Walk to womanhood:
In the rural parts of Kenya it is unknown by many about what young girls go through. In uria, girls are circumcised as a part of their culture. Those who do not go through circumcision must face the dreadfulness of being bullied in school or abused by their husbands.

Let me live again:

They are young and sick, they are lonely and desperate. Women suffering from fistula had no chance at survival until now.

Sex tourism:
Along the world-renowned coast of Mombasa, the pristine waters and the sandy beaches are hiding a dark reality; that of child sex tourism.

The plight of Somali children:

With the worsening political situation in Somalia, women and children have been worst hit and are the common victims of circumstance and as this story illustrates, Children in Mogadishu are now the laborers and are always out on the streets seeking to make a livelihood out of petty jobs which are often rewarded meagerly and come with suffering and exploitation....

Somalia child health days:

For the first time, children in Central and Southern Somalia are receiving life-saving vaccines and health services as part of a nation-wide Child Health Days Campaign. In a country where routine immunization coverage is low, and basic health care services are scarce, UNICEF, together with WHO, local authorities, communities and NGO partners is implementing this large-scale health outreach.

Chad child soldiers:

For teenager Dowa Samna, working at a garage in the Chadian capital, N'Djamena, is a far cry from a former life in the armed forces. Decades of conflict in Chad has left children vulnerable to recruitment by armed rebel groups and forces. There are an estimated 7,000-10,000 child soldiers in Chad.

Child abuse in Kenya:

The UN Children’s Charter has been ratified by more countries than any other human rights convention – and yet children rights continue to be violated. On the Kenya coast, local activists say that children as young as 12 are married for financial reasons, and that some sell their bodies for less than 70 US cents in order to buy provisions for their families. Now, both local and international organizations have banded together to try and change this.

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