First PayTV platform in Tunisia to be launched end 2011


" Talfazti " (“my TV” in English), a bouquet of television channels, radios and a portal to services delivered on a platform of digital terrestrial and IP television (DTT / IP), was presented as a preview on Friday, 13 May 2011, to the media.

Initiated by Virtual Networks (VNET) as the first Tunisian company specialized in Media and Telecommunications Technology led by the iconic Mrs. Chafika Chamas, this digital service combines television, internet and mobile. Consequence: this is not a digital TV but a platform, a foretaste of a new audiovisual industry generating thousands of jobs.

More simply, all Tunisians equipped with a television set and a decoder can, wherever they are in Tunisia, access all Talfazti content, for a fee ranging between 10 and 25 dinars per month, regardless of telecommunications networks coverage.
As for content, Talfazti opted for diversity. Entertainment, useful information and educational programs are united under one platform and on three screens, TV, PC and mobile using the latest generation of hybrid HD terminals. These terminals will be available in Tunisia by the end of 2011.

Among these contents, the Talfazti portal provides access to more information and a host of interactive TV applications including job ads, airplanes arrivals and departures, real estate, shopping, weather, topical news, sports, horoscopes, programming schedules of no less than 120 TV channels and many more.

Then comes an application of interactive educational television. This portal allows homes and schools to access modern educational content. There is a great opportunity to create a level playing field for all students across the country, reduce the digital divide between rural and urban and reduce costly remedial support classes.

For sports enthusiasts, the 7th art and documentaries, Talfazti bouquet offers premium channels and thematic Talfazti VOD offering movies, series, documentaries, concerts, cartoons ... unlimited for subscribers.

Services are charged according to the number of queries or transactions. You can pay via mobile payment, credit card, phone card and e-dinar.

Chamas said that Talfazti, should enter into operations by end 2011. She said her company has been working on this project since 2005 but the procrastination of the administration and the many manoeuvres undertaken by predators close to the ex- president did not facilitate its start on time.