Madagascar: BluelineTV - USD 4.95 for 10 channels bouquet


Announced back in July 2010, Blueline, the telecoms service provider, has finally launched, on Tuesday, 24 May 2011 at “l'hôtel du Louvre” in Antaninarenina, “blueline TV” which does not require subscription to other services supplied by the telco. Small budgets can now benefit from various features such as high definition digital television, the ability to record shows or movies and to watch pictures and listen to music on a TV set.

BluelineTV beats prices currently on offer for TV channels bouquets in Madagascar. For only ariary (Ar) 10 000 (about Euros 3.50 or USD 4.95) or even without any subscription, TV viewers can get several international and national (RTA, TVM, VIVA and Record) channels. Options available are so far: 15 channels for Ar 10 000 per month, 25 channels for Ar 30 000. Other offers may be available later on suggested Mihaja Rakotonirina, responsible for public sale at Blueline TV. Over the launch, international channels TV5 Monde, France 24, Fashion TV, TV Clubbing, AB Motor, Cartoon Network, Ciné FX, CCTV, and Pet Encyclopedia will be free until July 31, 2011.

In parallel, blueline also launched triple play with 4G/ internet, phone and TV for Ar 79000/month with up to 40 channels.

This is a great innovation in the field of television. "The purchase of a set up box allows to watch, without further commitment, national as well as four international TV channels," says Mathieu Mertian, sales and marketing director of Blueline. The TV box is priced at Ar 199000 and can be plugged to a hard drive – starting from a USB drive - for film recording and picture watching.

BluelineTV does not require any particular installation. A simple, traditional TV antenna connected to the box are the only requirements. Its technology allows it to get a great image quality. For now, this offer is only available in Antananarivo.

Capturing TV for free: It is the announcement you can read everywhere in appliance stores. These shops offer satellite dishes and decoders to capture dozens of international Francophone, Anglophone, Lusophone, Arabic, etc television stations. Some emit FTA, others are still encrypted.

"We have packages with either 15 channels or 24 channels depending on customer needs. It is also possible to capture TV5 and France 24 on FTA. The number of channels varies depending on the diameter of the dish, "says a vendor Behoririka.

In this shop, the package in question is priced at Ar 160,000. This varies from one vendor to another. The customer has the choice to either pay the cost of installation, or to simply just follow the instructions supplied in the installation guide.

BluelineTV offers a bouquet which includes national and international channels for Ar 10,000 per month. Before, everyone was dreaming of capturing international television channels at home. However, the low purchasing power was a blocking factor. But since the beginning of the year, things have changed.

In Madagascar Canal Plus has led the way with its “Découverte” (Discovery in English) offer. This allows subscribers to enjoy 28 TV and radio channels for Ar 19,900 per month. The offer has been a success.

"Decouverte meets everyone's expectations in terms of price, while providing quality digital image," said Jean Testemale, CEO of Canal Plus Madagacar at the launch of the offer back in February 2011.

A few months later Parabole Madagascar launched the Pika offer, allowing interested parties to get 38 radio and television channels for Ar 19,900 and now the Blueline offer.

In a separate note, Blueline has launched its website. The MD of the company, Damien Lamberterie noted that this site will allow visitors to learn more about products and services from Blueline: Visit the site here:

Contact: blueline - Tana 2000 Ankorondrano - 101 Antananarivo - Madagascar - Tel: (0203) 082 000.