Senegal: Digital television, audiovisual issue


In June 2015, states will shift from analog to digital broadcasting to meet the ITU’s 2015 deadline it agreed back in 2006. An awareness seminar was opened on the subject in Dakar. Senegal wants to successfully achieve its transition to terrestrial digital broadcasting in which the process has begun since last year.

All television sets in the trash? No, in 2015, people will just equip their analog TV sets with Set-Top-Boxes to go digital Digital Terrestrial Television allows a greater ability to offer television programs and better image quality. As for the African continent, Morocco, South Africa, Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritius, Ghana, Tanzania were among the first countries to begin the process of transition to digital terrestrial television (DTT). In Senegal, it was in May 2010 that the Communications Minister, Moustapha Guirassy chaired the first meeting to prepare the establishment of a National Committee for the switch of the country's system towards DTT.

And last August, during the signing of an agreement between officials of the Radio Broadcast television in Senegal and Chinese society Startime, Babacar Diagne, stated that "RTS will complete the digital switchover in three years’ time throughout the country." Like national television, private television stations are also preparing for the digital age. If viewers are already familiar with decoders from Canal + Horizons and from Rdv Dunyaa, their homes will soon have the opportunity to get other boxes offered by new groups of television entering the Senegalese media landscape.

Télévision futurs Médias (TFM), launched by Youssou N'Dour in September, will provide, soon, a STB. Touba TV, a satellite TV station set up in November 2009, has announced the launch of its hybrid decoder accessible from a TV set but also on iPhone and iPad. The country’s officials are all working to meet the challenge of all-digital within 2015. Meanwhile, the state is responsible for defining the rules and laws relating to the process.

"The advent of digital technology in Senegal will be a revolution. A challenge, a commitment that we must win. The era of digital television will go through a gradual process done region by region" said Moustapha Guirassy. Last October, the Communications Minister chaired the first meeting of the National Committee of the passage of our country to digital TV. This national committee is made of national experts, established by order of the Prime Minister since August 26, 2010. Composed of members from the Ministry of Communication and Telecommunication, the ICT Ministry, the CNRA, the ARTP, it is chaired by Minister Moustapha Guirassy and coordinated by Malick Ndiaye, ICT and media management specialist/

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