Zanzibar: ZIFF’s campaign to re-open the Majestic Cinema


British Documentary maker Nick Broomfield talks to ZIFF bout Zanzibar’s Majestic Cinema.

Q: You are a supporter of ZIFF’s campaign to re-open the Majestic Cinema, why is it important to have a cinema for any community?

A: Well I think that it's a natural gathering point for people. Even though there is no roof on the cinema at the moment, locals often set up the projector of their own and show things even if it rains on their heads. They are doing it because it's a place where they can all get together for a shared experience and have a chat about it afterwards. Cinemas can be very much part of a neighbourhood and part of the community.

The campaign to re-open the Majestic is kind of a way of affirming ones belief in Zanzibar and Stone town – that there will be big events where we will need a cinema, we can have an audience, we can have a film society.

It's an investment a statement for the future, which is very healthy. It is happening in a good time, in that one doesn't need to get very expensive 35mm equipment, you can get modern digital equipment. It's something that the University in Zanzibar could use, the community could use. It would put Zanzibar on the map.