Ethiopia: A Film Festival strengthens ties between India and Africa


Indian culture is becoming increasingly popular in Africa. Films from "Bollywood" are on this continent particularly popular. A festival has been established in Ethiopia to meet this demand.

 India seeks to establish its presence in Africa. Indian cinema, Bollywood is a massive industry that gets a very positive response worldwide, and particularly in Africa, at the expense of local production. Festival organizers believe that the delegates are here to fulfil large contracts and that India has the opportunity to show its strengths in Ethiopia.

Navdeep Suri, Indian Ministry of Finance said:"While governments talk about the best ways to improve bilateral relations between countries, we believe that the festival is an opportunity not only to create opportunities for exchange, but also offer something Addis Ababa people enjoy. " The Indian film industry has established itself as an industry generating millions of turnovers and many believe that these skills can benefit Africa.

Bience Gawanas, Commissioner, African Union said: "I am very impressed by their mastery of Indian languages. You know, in Africa, we are promoting African languages, but many films are produced in Africa in French or English or in Portuguese, no subtitles."

Abdulkadir Amin, Ethiopian Minister of Culture, welcomed the event, saying that Indian filmmakers will encourage young filmmakers in Ethiopia through a transfer of skills, knowledge and technologies that are important for the development of the local film industry.