Technology & Convergence - In Brief

Technology & Convergence

- CNN's weekly primetime Africa programmes are on Facebook! The social network enables viewers to view videos and to interact with producers and reporters. Source: CNN Africa.

- TV5Monde is about to launch a new web portal and a webTV dedicated to the conditions of women around the World, including of course in Africa where the channel is widely present. The site will include many items including video reports. Source: TV5Monde.

- In Ghana, developers have come up with applications designed to reflect local needs. ShopAfrica53 advertises goods and services from a range of small businesses in Ghana and soon across Africa including audio, films, TV and home theatre goods. The website also handles logistics like collection and delivery of goods, and takes payment on behalf of the vendors. The technology being used by ShopAfrica53 can be a lifeline for small entrepreneurs ranging from hi-fi distributors to artists.
Visit ShopAfrica website here: