Mobicine motorcycle take movies to the people


Since Monday, 9th May 2011, seven Mobicine scooters take cinema across Dakar, and 7 more are in Bamako since start of June. While (almost) all legal cinemas have closed in West Africa, Mobicine motorcycle take movies to the people. Coming soon are films from Henry Duparc, Faro, Ezra, Benda Bilili, Kirikou, Matches, Oceans, etc. Each week, the Mobicine 14 mobile units provide 200 to 300 screenings in municipal districts and school associations. Viewers pay 300 FCFA (0.45 €) or for free when screenings are sponsored by companies or NGOs. More than 200 feature films, cartoons and documentaries from Africa and Europe were selected and organiser IDmage has given priority to young people: 400 school sessions have been planned from May to June, in partnership with the city of Dakar. Each scooter is equipped with a "black box" (box housing a projector 1300 lumens + a laptop), self-amplified speaker system, a screen of 2.40 m and a generator. Mobicine is being developed together with new web portal and developed by ACP Films, the Ministry of Culture and Embassies of France, the Swiss Cooopération in Mali, Doen Foundations, Jan Vrijman and Lettera 27 / WikiAfrica, TV5Monde, the City of Bamako, Dakar City, CNC Mali. It is also assisted by the African festivals of Tarifa and Verona, the Goethe Institute, the “Institut Français”, the Spanish embassies, etc.
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