Broadcast - In Brief


- Concord Times (Ibrahim Tarawallie, 25 June 2011, Freetown) highlighted that in Sierra Leone, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) called for an Audit of Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) Finances. NDA has expressed grave concern over the way and manner in which finances of the SLBC were being handled, thus urging for an immediate independent audit assessment to be carried out on the state broadcaster. The party's spokesperson, Chernor Alpha M. Bah said “There are rumours going around regarding the alleged non-payment of staff," and questioned the recruitment of senior and middle level staff into the institution, saying "it is not done properly", while calling on the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to investigate the procurement procedure in securing the institution's satellite. He therefore urged the government to respect the demands of the Academic Staff Association (ASA) of FBC for an increment in salary for lecturers and find ways of settling the stand-off amicably.

- In Rwanda, Parliament has announced plans to set up a radio station before the end of July 2011, with the objective of increasing interaction between the legislators and the public. Lawmakers, as representatives of the people, need feedback from the public on the official business they conduct, and live radio broadcasts would be one of the appropriate avenues through which that can happen. For more on this story visit here: