CFI’s TV partners in Africa distributed music programmes


African TV stations broadcast to the pace of the ‘Make Music celebration’ on 21 June 2011. CFI worked to support them as they programme a special musical schedule. Throughout May, CFI offered musical programmes to enhance the schedules of its TV partners in Africa. Key programmes disseminated included:

 “ Les Années Francofolles ”: An original documentary in honour of the 25th edition of the Francofolies rock festival at La Rochelle in France. The film looks back at highlights of this major festival, and explores the socio-political background and times.

 “ Lokua Kanza ”
: A broadcast of a concert which took place on 7 May 2010 in Paris for the release of his new album Nkolo produced in Brazil.

 “ Afrique en scène ”: This musical event brought together African stars on the music scene and especially young African artists on 9 May. On the stages were Tiken Jah Fakoly, Didier Awadi, William Baldé, Lokua Kanza, Imany, Smod, Fafa Ruffino, Régis Kole, Kady Diarra, Mariana Ramos, Baloji, Amen Viana, Djazia Satour, Frest and 36 States.

 “ Maurice Kyria, winner of the 2010 RFI Discovery award ”
: Organised since 1981, the RFI discovery award is a decisive springboard helping artists in Africa, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean further their career. Maurice Kirya was chosen from among the ten finalists at the 2010 edition. This young Ugandan artist follows in the footsteps of several big names such as: Amadou and Mariam (Mali-1982), Tiken Jah Fakoly (Côte d’Ivoire - 2000), Didier Awadi (Senegal - 2003).

“ Gainsbourg, The Man Who Loved Women ”: To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Serge Gainsbourg’s death, this documentary takes a look at the man and the myth, with accounts from several women who interpreted his work.