Distribution - In Brief


- Cote Ouest Audiovisuel has released its total number of hours distributed over 2010 which amounted to approximately 20,000 (this includes repeats from TV channel clients). The company’s recent expansion from the francophone to the anglophone market brought the number of markets covered from 37 to 67 and the number of client channels jumped from 89 to 111. The leading film distributor in Africa currently has a stock of nearly 17,000 hours of programs including 8,000 hours of recent or very recent titles.
- CFI released that it has a catalogue of 1800 hours of African audiovisual content available for TV stations including 255 hours it has invested in. Over the past three years, CFI has acquired over 110 hours of French and African documentaries for its partners, covering issues such as the climate, new forms of energy and wildlife protection in Africa. It invested over a million Euros in 2010 to purchase 250 hours’ worth of sub-Saharan African productions, and supplied over 22 TV channels that have taken out a subscription package.