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Technology & Convergence

- In a 1st July 2011 communiqué from STC and Google, Arimr Kesisoqlu, director of Google Middle East and North Africa, said: "More than 100 million Arabs log on to the YouTube network every day, and about 11 million users go online at an average of 136 minutes per day representing 40 percent of the kingdom's population’.

- Telegent Systems, the semiconductor company that enables the reception of live, free-to-air analogue and digital broadcast television in mobile devices introduced its fifth generation TLG12xx family of analogue mobile TV receivers along with the industry’s first integrated internal antenna and entertainment services platform on 9th June 2011. Telegent’s mobile TV receivers are embedded in handsets that are primarily sold to in Africa and other emerging market consumers where analogue TV continues to operate as the dominant TV broadcast standard.  Telegent introduced the first analogue mobile TV receiver in mid-2007 and shipped more than 100 million units by the end of 2010.