Arabsat launches TV and radio bouquet from Morocco


Arabsat has announced the launch of a Moroccan television and radio bouquet on BADR-4, accessible in the Middle East, North Africa and in much of Europe. The package includes eight television stations and six radio stations.

Eng. Khalid bin Ahmed Balkheyour President & CEO of Arabsat said the package was launched from an integrated digital broadcasting platform in Rabat (Morocco) in cooperation with the "National Union for Radio and Television of Morocco "where the operation started in June 2011.

"We expect that many other private and government TV and radio channels will join this bouquet by the end of this year. By building platforms for digital broadcasting Radio & TV in a number of Arab countries, Arabsat aims to serve its customers and provide the best services and solutions suited to serve viewers anywhere with an optimum quality level. "Balkheyour said.