Zimbabwe: Independent media banned from Mugabe-Fifa meeting

Regulation & Policy

Journalists from the private media were reportedly barred from attending a meeting between Robert Mugabe and Fifa president Sepp Blatter. According to Newsday, only photographers working for ZBC and the Herald, plus the presidential photographer, were allowed in as well as photographers who work for Zifa and Fifa. Fifa is the international governing body for football while Zifa is the governing body for football in Zimbabwe.

After the meeting Blatter said Mugabe had talked about the governments' interest in the development of sport, especially football. Zifa have asked Fifa for US1.5m for their operations; and Blatter said his organisation is looking into the request.

Mugabe said Blatter's visit is a great honour to the nation; this at a time when Fifa's reputation is in tatters in other parts of the world, following the corruption scandal that has rocked the organisation.

The Fifa president also had a separate meeting with Morgan Tsvangirai, where they discussed football development in Zimbabwe.