Nigeria: NBC to monitor broadcast stations’ content to ensure they follow its Code

Regulation & Policy

The Chief Monitoring Officer, Nigeria Broadcasting Commission (NBC) in Kwara state, Mr. Ekanem Anita has assured customers of broadcast stations as well as service providers of quality content.

He told newsmen shortly after a customer forum organised by Multichoice/DSTV at the weekend in Ilorin that many broadcast stations in the country still defaulted in complying with the commission’s code and added that sanctions had been imposed on a lot of errant stations.

“During the electioneering period, some stations violated the code and were sanctioned, but in Kwara here no station was sanctioned during the period,” he stated.

The officer added that “NBC tries to encourage broadcast stations, service providers to constantly interact with their audience and consumers. We believe that feedback is a necessary element in the communication process. Without feedback the providers may not really know of what they are dishing out to meet the aspirations, needs and realities of the consumers.

“NBC believes that consumers should be treated like kings and we also believe that the queens be treated with care because without them we will definitely be out of business. At the end of the interaction both parties will mutually gain from the advantages inherent and it will boost the industry.”

Head, Corporate Communications, MultiChoice Nigeria, Segun Fayose listed piracy and epileptic power supply as some of the greatest challenges militating against the industry. Fayose added that “we need support from law enforcement agencies, we need support from government to help us stamp out the challenge of piracy.”

He emphasised that, “piracy is a huge challenge for the industry. It is killing the business. It is not only MultiChoice that it is killing, it is also killing people that are into intellectual property development.