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Regulation & Policy

- According to News24, Christian denominations and church alliances plan to send a message to that the broadcasting of nudity and sexually explicit content on national free-to-air television is not acceptable. The Family Policy Institute says church organisations and alliances, representing 8.5 million members from 3,500 churches, have committed to boycott until it cancels the controversial Naked News programme and all other pornographic content from its broadcasting schedule. Naked News is an international news programme where female presenters are nude or strip during the bulletin, screened on after the late night movie at 22:00. The " Mass Switch Off" campaign claims that Naked News degrades and objectifies women and exposes children to harmful content, although the Broadcasting Complaints Commission (BCCSA) has found that the show is not in contravention of broadcasting standards.

- In South Africa, Sentech's failure to better encrypt its signal to prevent pirate viewing in Botswana, is damaging business for's sister channel, the high court in Johannesburg heard in July 2011.