Broadcast - In Brief


- The South African Football Association (SAFA) has identified innovative ways to communicate its activities to its wide-ranging constituencies. It has created two television packages to support its new broadcast vision.

- Take 32 amateur chefs, add them to a steamy kitchen, increase the pressure and watch the temperature rise as South Africa's latest TV reality show takes place to find the top amateur chef team to represent SA in the LG Life Tastes Good Cooking Championship International Final in Turkey in October 2011. 12 Aug 2011 13:24

- In Kenya, Moa and Pan Africa Group are to be licensed for Digital TV signal distribution. The two more digital signal distribution licenses will be issued before the end of the year according to information PS Bitange Ndemo.

- In Nigeria, Kogi State will soon join the league of states with its own television station as arrangements have reached advance stage to establish the station.

- South Africa: Bush Radio, a community station based in the Western Cape for the last 20 years, is facing closure unless it can find urgently needed funds to support its business. It is not only a radio station but provides broadcast training to individuals, radio stations and media institutions in Africa, with a special focus on Southern Africa.