Alcohol adverts ban could play a crucial role in South Africa


Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi says the banning of alcohol advertisements could play a crucial role in the health of South Africans. He was speaking at the opening of the fifth conference on the Global Campaign for Violence Prevention in Cape Town.  

Motsoaledi says a ban could also save the economy costs of about R17 billion per year. He says government is determined to ban alcohol advertising. "For instance, we know that some of the adverts are about trying to pretend that some sports people have been successful because of alcohol and we know that's misleading - that should not be allowed. So, I may not know what form it will take but definitely, in one form or the other, we can't just allow unimpeded advertising of alcohol to our children,” Motsoaledi explained.

The Minister added that he has met the South African Broadcasting Corporation Board on the matter." There is a story that they are going to loose R400 million in revenue and I told them that I am so serious about this issue that if it means taking R400 million from my budget and giving it to them and say here is your money don't advertise I will do so. In fact, the country will gain - I'm not saying it will happen I'm saying it will actually be better." 

Last week, Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Elizabeth Thabethe said alcohol abuse cost South Africa's economy R9 billion a year. She was speaking at the start of Sobriety Week Campaign in Pretoria. Thabethe says the money amounts to 1% of the country's gross domestic product.