New 335,000 Euros Malian history TV series "The kings of Segou" now on TV5Monde webTV


A historical saga that traces the saga of the Bambara kingdom in the seventeenth century, this is the crazy bet of director Boubacar Sidibe, with ‘the Kings of Ségou‘ («Les rois de Ségou» in French).
This series of seven episodes of 78 minutes each, broadcast on TV5 Monde last July, is now available free on the French-language channel Web TV since Sept. 2, 2011 according to RFI. The saga takes the viewer on the steps of the “Bambara”, which dominated the region of present-day Mali between the seventeenth and nineteenth century.

The stated goal of this production (deliberately simplified) is to: "give Africans the opportunity to see through the screen their past staged in an attractive and understandable way for the broader audience," says the director. It is also an opportunity to learn about the kingdom of Segou’s war customs beyond the borders of Mali.

To write this history, we had to make a long archival work, but also meet many griots (traditional African poet-musicians) and specialized historians:"You know, the themes of many series focus on African ideas and realities. Far from despising the entertainment and intellectual enrichment aspects that these series provide, I feel, however as frustrated as the viewers of my continent, "says Boubacar Sidibé.

Over the episodes, we discover the endless power struggles of legendary warriors, as Biton Coulibaly, founder of the kingdom of Segou, or the predictions of fetish who prepare their revenge..."The insult that cannot be cured in the blood. The challenge should be faced even if it is unreasonable and if the party is losing, "says the director.

The shooting, which took place in the forest of Tienfala, a few kilometers from Bamako, the capital, and in the village of N'gami near Segou, lasted ten weeks, with the participation of 250 actors and extras from Mali.

The series - a co-production of ORTM (TV channel Malian general public), Brico Films and Sarama Films - has cost 220 million CFA francs (335,000 Euros).

Watch the series here: