Kalasha film and TV award’11 winners


The glitz and glamour that was witnessed at this years Kalasha awards will forever be engraved on peoples’ minds for a long fortune of time. In the words of Nicki Minaj, I wish I could have had that moment for life! Wow! I can actually pull a PLO Lumumba (one of the board members of Kalasha) English diction! Arrgh who am I kidding? Back to my normal average English.

This years kalasha awards was an event well organized and orchestrated. The event is clearly growing by the year. For those who were wondering why it was Ksh 3000, well, let me just say from a common mwananchis perspective, it was money well spent. The food was excellent.The hosts, MCs and entertainment kept everyone awake.. The atmosphere and ambience of the whole setup and organization was top notch.

However, the surprises that unfolded when it came to naming the winners of the awards left many in utter disbelief. There was a crazy guy who actually thought he could predict the winners for the event and wrote an article called AND THE KALASHA FILM AND TV AWARDS 2011 WINNERS ARE (PREDICTION). I am sure wherever he is, his head hurts from how wrong he was. If that was an exam he was doing, he would have received an average grade of E for Effort. Never has anyone been so wrong at predicting things like this guy. As a matter of fact, he should probably have named the article, People who will not win kalasha 2011 and he would have had more right answers.

He did however get 10 predictions right out of 26 and I think he deserves a bit of credit. Anyway without further ado here are the winners of the 3rd Film and television kalasha awards:A special mention of the movie the rugged priest for being nominated for 10 awards and winning 8 of them.

1. Best feature-Rugged priest by Cinematic Solutions
2. Best short film-Me My wife and her guru by flick 7 Pictures/jitu films
3. Best Documentary-Destination mara by Department of Film services
4. Best sound-Brian Nyamus The Rugged Priest
5. Best Cinematography-Martin Munyua-The Rugged Priest
6. Best original score-Nina ogots,Issa
7. Best editing-Joy Lusige-The Rugged priest.
8. Best scriptwriter in an original screenplay-Mark Mutahi and Bob Nyanja-rugged priest
9. Best director-Bob Nyanja The rugged priest
10. Best lead actor-Kamau Mbaya-obi in The briefcase 11. Best lead actress- Serah Ndanu..(Alice in The Rugged Priest)
12. Best supporting actor-Lwanda Jawar-Ian in the Rugged Priest
13. Best supporting actress-Milicent Mugadi-Esther in me my wife and her guru

Special awards

14. Best animation production-the legend of ngong hills-Apes in space
15. Best student feature-The Briefcase-Kenya Institute of Mass Communication
16. Best student documentary-My horn My dilemma-Kenya institute of mass communication

TV categories

17. Best lead actor in a TV drama-Raymond Ofula, Richard mwako in Nairobi Law
18. Best lead actress in a TV drama-NICE Githinji.Lisa of changing times
19. Best supporting actor in a TV drama-Vincent Mbaya- be the judge
20. Best supporting actress in a TV drama-Nelly Kuria “Abby in mheshimiwa
21. Best TV drama-Siri-al is on production
22. Best performance in a comedy-Eric omondi-churchill live
23. Best talk show-capital talk 24
24. Best TV documentary-kitale nature conservancy-montage media services
25. Best tv comedy-Vioja Mahakamani
26. Best tv entertainment-Churchill Live

We also had introduction of 3new awards and winners namely:
27. Life time achievement award went to David Mulwa
28. KFCB Best watershed compliant station NTV
29. Kituo Halisi awards-KBC