race TV sets up offices in Nigeria to reach Anglophone Africa


International music brand Trace Urban TV comes to Anglophone Africa, founder Oliver Laouchez and Head, Sam Onyemelukwe says it is set to launch in Lagos.

Nigeria makes another leap in global entertainment reckoning with the official launch of the global Trace brand in the country this month. Trace Urban, the company’s number 1 international urban music channel has officially set up its offices in Nigeria to reach Nigeria and Anglophone Africa, with a mission to drive the industry with hit music videos, unique content, platforms, and reach.

“We are very excited to be on the ground,” said Sam Onyemelukwe, who is Head of Trace Urban Anglophone and was previously Business Development Manager for MTV Base. “With this move, which brings the brand closer to the Nigerian and African audience, Trace is set to increase its playlist of home-grown music videos, but that’s just the beginning.

“As a Nigerian, I’m proud that this recognises the huge strides the local music industry has made, and the expanded space that is able to now absorb global buy-in and opportunities for artists, advertisers and viewers.”