URTI rocks broadcasters with 3,000 Radio/TV programmes


The 23rd International URTI Radio Grand Prix and the 63rd General Assembly of URTI - International Radio and Television Union - took place West of Paris on 20-21, October 2011. Balancing Act's Sylvain Béletre attended part of the event.
The event was the occasion for broadcasters from across the world - including several from Africa such as RTS, GBC, ORTN, RA and ENTV, TVT, ORTB, CRTV, RTG, RTC, ORTC, URTE, TM and many more - to meet up, set URTI’s new objectives, exchange ideas and seal new partnership agreements.
URTI is the oldest international organization of radio and television and also the only one with an international vocation. Over the past two years, the Union recorded the subscriptionof 28  international radios/television broadcasters from 25 countries.
Over the event, broadcasters reported great benefits in belonging to URTI. The union's membership provides access to a large global broadcasters' network and a radio and TV programmes' exchange; More than 3,000 programmes - and growing each year - are offered free of copyright and by / for members. This exchange platform saves important amounts of money but also meets the need to share values and content in order to enrich broadcasters' editorial topics and experiences.

URTI also opens access to training exchanges, co-productions opportunities and industry best practices. The Union has set a special priority to radio's digital archiving. URTI recently invested in a state-of-the art Web platform to allow its members to retrieve, exchange, co-produce and transmit programmes wherever they are.

On the current platform, it is now possible for members to download radio programs. In television, URTI is seeking funding to digitize the programs that are currently on beta tapes. The Union has adopted three official languages: English, Arabic and French.
URTI's 23rd International URTI Radio Grand Prix ceremony closed "the 30 years anniversary of FM" on Thursday, October 20th, after the conference and panel discussion, and before engaging into a very convivial dinner.
The panel discussion which focused on the 'future of radio' highlighted new areas of developments but reinforced the fact that radio and TV are becoming social networks, giving voice to the people. While broadcast technology changes, while media outlets have proliferated all over the world and while the internet has accelerated the news pace, broadcast content keeps the same objectives.
Each year URTI also organizes the International URTI Radio Grand Prix and the International URTI Grand Prix for Author’s Documentary. These prizes of international renown allow promoting the vitality of contemporary audiovisual production.
The Iranian radio program 'Street Children' won  the 2011 International URTI Radio Grand Prix. The program was produced and broadcast by the Zanjan Radio Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). The chosen theme for the 23rd edition was 'poverty' and the Iranian program was selected from programs submitted by 45 countries.
Each of the two juries is made up of thirteen to twenty professionals from the whole world who take opposing views and single out the most remarkable works based on quality and originality. With 81 countries participating in the event, it also confirmed its place among the first ranks of the international radio and television grand prix in terms of the number of participating countries.
 The general Assembly examined the current evolutions as well as the quests for financing and partnerships. After more than 60 years of existence, URTI members showed a prestigious assessment and a renewed enthusiasm during this annual meeting.
This year, Alain Massé, director general of URTI was acclaimed by URTI members as the man who gave a new life to the union and someone who made it possible to take URTI and its members to the next level.
URTI TV Committee that will bring together members in Tirana at the kind invitation of RTSH will take place from 17 to 22 November to select programmes for the 2012 catalogue.
URTI would like broadcasters to apply as new potential members.