Senegal: Africa 7 TV station started broadcast on 7 October 2011


Africa 7 Television started broadcast after three months of testing. The Senegalese media space which includes public television RTS is enriched with a sixth private channel next to 2STV, TFM, Walf TV, RDV and Canal Info News. Apart from Senegal, Africa 7, launched by the group Citizen Media Group has the ambition to be a pan-African television and even global.

Citizen Media Group has already launched and successfully produced programmes such as ‘Citizen Match’, ‘Citizen dictée’ and ‘Citizen Tv Jobs’ broadcast on RTS 1.
The launch of Africa 7 provides further diversity for viewers in Senegal.

The term "Africa 7" adopted by the promoters of the new TV channel refers to its broad coverage, the five regions of Africa, the African diaspora and the world.

The channel will be broadcast across the continent via satellite in the next two weeks, but it cannot be watched by viewers in Asia and North America right now unless negotiations end positively.

Housed in the heart of the Plateau, at No. 21 rue Joseph Gomis X Victor Hugo, Africa 7 occupies a three-story building filled with hundreds of young employees and equipment at the height of his great bet.

Those responsible for this new television, including the vice president of Citizen Media group, Mamadou Baal, has set the goal to develop its enterprise with and for Africa and Africans. French and English are the languages most spoken in Africa 7 programmes, before enlarging to Portuguese and Arabic.

The channel, which runs along Africa 7 radio, also host African languages such as Swahili and Peul. In addition, it will be visible on social networks and on the Internet.

At editorial level we find Selly Yaya Wane as Director of Programmes, Rokhaya Kébé, director of development and Sarah Cissé (former host of morning show ‘Kinkeliba’ on RTS 1) as director of editorial and magazines.

Nearly forty programs will be proposed by the new channel which has opted for multiculturalism with more than 20 African nationalities represented among the various leaders of the programme schedule.

Programmes target all audiences, with an emphasis on women's concerns, but also those of children and young people through their activities in modern society.

The channel started with a dozen programmes and will gradually reach its cruising speed of about forty appointments daily, biweekly and monthly. It will cover all areas including general information, economy, culture, education, food, health, sports, fashion, visual arts, music.