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Technology & Convergence

- A dispute has blown up in South Africa between Naspers-owned pay TV service M-Net and free-to-air commercial channel over the future of digital-terrestrial TV, according to local reports. Full story here.

- In sub-Saharan Africa, innovative solutions using mobile technology are becoming increasingly popular in solving local problems including education via mobile. Under the BridgeIt initiative currently being implemented in 150 schools, known locally as Elimu kwa Teknologia or Education through Technology, teachers download video content using Nokia N95 cellphones, which are connected to TVs in their classrooms, allowing rural schools and communities access to a digital catalogue of locally-developed or adapted educational content. The use of videos in the classrooms is not new in Africa. Other schools, especially private ones, often use videos or DVDs, but according to BridgeIt advisor, Joseph Mattogoro, the programme: "Is unique because it uses mobile phones to download the videos…" full story