Zambia: ZNBC lacks modern broadcast equipment


Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) director general, Joe Chilaizya has called for calm among Kabwe residents who this week demanded an explanation from the institution for not receiving the television signal in recent months. Chilaizya said the national broadcaster was committed to ensuring that it improved its services, although that would be done gradually.

He said the failure by ZNBC to reach out to all Zambians was regrettable but assured that this would soon be addressed. Chilaizya said the national broadcaster was faced with a number of challenges that included lack of modern equipment. He, however, said the new administration, with the help of the Patriotic Front Government, had committed itself to changing the state of affairs.

On Tuesday, some irate residents in Kabwe demanded to know why they should continue paying the K3,000 levy when they had no access to ZNBC television.
The residents appealed to President Sata and Information, Broadcasting and Tourism Minister Given Lubinda to study the matter and ensure they received were not disadvantaged in any way.

Rodger Mulenga, a former miner who spoke on behalf of others, said Kabwe residents had been denied access to the national television and did not know what was going on in the country. Mulenga said the only people with access to ZNBC television were those who were able to afford paying for digital satellite television (DSTV).