URTI considerably increased programme exchanges and awarded USD 15,000 to its “international grand prix” winner


The International Radio and Television Union (URTI) kept its 63rd general Assembly in Paris, this Friday October 21 2011, at the invitation of ‘France Télévisions’.
This event gathered 51 international radio broadcasting organizations.
URTI is the oldest international audiovisual organization and also the only one with a global perspective. The development of the Union allowed to record the membership of radiobroadcasters from 28 different countries these last three years.

In 2011, URTI strengthened its leading place in international grand prix with the participation of 81 countries in its radio-television Grand Prix, which are awarded US Dollars 15,000.

The general Assembly renewed its managing authorities by electing:
o Mr Jean-Luc Hees (Radio France), President
o Mr Amadou Vamoulke (CRTV, Cameroun), Vice-president for Africa
o Mrs Fatima Elmoumen (SNRT, Morocco), Vice-president for the Arab World
o Mr Antonio Ribeiro (RTP, Portugal), Vice-president for Europe
o Ms Afaf Belhouchet (ENTV, Algeria), Secretary-Treasurer
o Mr Daniel Brouyere (RTBF, Belgium), President of the Television Commission
o Mr Dan Santa (ROR, Romania), President of the Radio Commission

Mr Roland Faure was also re-elected Honorary President of URTI.
URTI officially launched its new Web ECT cooperation platform on which it directly organizes online the Exchanges, the Coproductions and the Transmissions (private dedicated space to allow each member to ensure for free the in-house transmission of its programmes in radio).

URTI considerably increased the level of programme exchanges, which allow its members to save important amounts of money.

On the eve of the general Assembly, URTI members and partners participated in the events organized in the framework of the celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the freedom of FM. Its third conference on ‘The radio of tomorrow” gathered four managers of international radio societies (Algeria, France, Romania, and Senegal) who compared their visions on the future of the media. The award-winners’ list of the 23rd International URTI Radio Grand Prix was then announced, by honouring programmes from Iran, France, Vietnam and Australia.

Created sixty-two years ago, URTI is the first radiobroadcasters’ organization with a global perspective. This Union gathers 67 international radio-television organizations. It coordinates the exchanges of programmes free of rights between its members, manages creation or training workshops, and organizes the International Radio Grand Prix and the Grand Prix for TV Author’s Documentary.