Airtel Touching Lives Reality TV show takes-off


Airtel Ghana has launched second edition of its landmark reality television series, “Touching Lives,” which hits the screens of Ghana television stations last year to reward people who selflessly made positive impact in their communities.

The concept, which reveals Airtel Ghana’s passion to make positive impact on people and communities, seeks to empower individuals and communities who have dreams to realize and are making effort towards achieving them.

The launch signals the opening of nominations of persons who are making differences to their families or communities from any part of the country. Nomination is open from November 1st to 30th this year.

“Touching Lives first edition had a great impact in the lives of people and communities," Donald Gwira, Airtel’s Head of Corporate Communications and External Affairs said at the press launch in Accra on Tuesday.

"Airtel’s vision is to become the most love brands of Ghanaian and we do this by giving back to the community because we believe in the culture of rewarding,” he said.
Airtel’s Brand Communication Manager Linda Narh said, “Touching Lives is about celebrating people by identifying what they are doing in their communities.”

 She said nominations to the Airtel Touching Lives Team should not be more than 1000 words stating the story of the nominee and why he or she deserves to be help.
Members of the public who want to participate can write in or email their requests for help to  Requests can be from as simple as needing shoes for school to a significant provision such as sinking a borehole for a community.   

Airtel Ghana, the Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana (CIMG) Telecoms Company of the year, Mrs Narh said, would produce another 13-part TV show after the nomination and selection process.

“It’s a show about giving back – we want to assist Ghanaians across the country to recognise their full potential and show people that this is possible,” Airtel Ghana’s Managing Director, Philip Sowah said.

“It’s about recognising the unsung heroes in our community and acknowledging the difference they have made to the lives of many,” he added.