Distribution - In Brief


- Afrika Eye film festival which took place at Bristol’s Watershed over 28th-30th October 2011, showing films from Africa and the African Diaspora was a resounding success with most of the films on the first two days selling out. Afrika Eye also held screenings at community venues across Bristol during the month of October – from the Methodist Church in Westbury on Trim to the Malcolm X Centre in St Paul’s, and 930 people from all ages and walks of life watched African cinema during the wider month-long festival.  Audience numbers reached unprecedented levels with a 36% increase in attendance figures this year.

- Innovative film distributor “10 Francs” has posted a new online catalogue. Its advanced “streaming room” allows you to watch 450 videos in their entirety. The catalogue - split into fictions, arts, youth programs, formats and documentaries’ genres - includes several Africa-related film rights available for purchase. More here

- Africa is a large continent, 53 countries strong, where marketing one's products and services is indeed a challenging task. Business opportunities have been increasing dramatically in recent years for both investors and employers. And we anticipate that growth will be robust in years to come. A24Media highlights the different businesses found throughout the Continent, that have now put Africa on the international economic map. More info here: