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- 14 November 2011: Sara Blecher, director of the acclaimed South African film, 'Otelo Burning', was awarded the IFP Adrienne Shelly Director's Grant in New York last week for her work on the film, Otelo Burning.

- A Ghanaian initiative is bringing hope to previously disadvantaged youths through a film training programme that takes place each summer. In September the Akosia Street Academy showcased two short films from a list of shorts made in Accra this year. Each year the organisation takes in over 40 underprivileged youths for a six week stint in filmmaking skills. Over 200 children have gone through the program since it started (2008).

- With a plot pulled from the headlines and a cast drawn from across the continent, a Kenyan skein is looking to push local dramatic series in a bold new direction. "Mali," which airs three times a week on private web NTV, is the first Kenyan drama to break from the traditional weekly format. The show's producers say it's an attempt to wean local audiences off the wildly popular Latin American telenovelas.