Gilat Satcom offer distribution solution to African broadcasters for under 10K$/month


Gilat Satcom is a service provider with 18 years experience in Africa focused on satellite and fiber connectivity. VSAT specialist Gilat Satcom has invested millions of dollars to set up relevant platform and partnerships in order to unlock Africa's broadcast potential. Balancing Act’s Sylvain Beletre talks to Ofer Ronen, Business Development Director at the Broadcast division of Gilat Satcom to understand the implications.

Q: What does Gilat provide to African broadcasters?
A: In the broadcasting sector Gilat provides a highly competitive solution for TV distribution and contribution. We can for example set up the full technical infrastructure in order to help a country switch to DTT (digital TV) to 100% of its territory, even in its most remote areas with the highest quality standards and at the most affordable rates.

As a service provider Gilat can offer a full turnkey solutions to broadcasters including equipment and installation: head-end, towers, and capacity.
Through our partnership with Harmonic, We can also distribute African TV channels to IPTV/payTV  bouquets and platforms in Europe or North America.
Gilat Satcom broadcast services enable broadcasters to distribute content to all their distribution centers simultaneously. The satellite based platform can easily bring local content to international audiences or transfer content between post-production and broadcast facilities.

Many broadcast applications, such as digital satellite news gathering (DSNG), require bandwidth for occasional use. For this purpose, Gilat Satcom offers cost effective on-demand services that suit your actual bandwidth utilization.

Gilat Satcom provides turn-key projects for African broadcasters that require communication and connectivity solutions. Our solutions include systems, equipment and the required professional services to ensure that your content is delivered effectively and reliably. Furthermore, the high availability solution is monitored 24x7 with playout services available on request.
Q: How does Gilat provide these services?

A: Gilat has 3 teleports in Africa and about 30 transponders covering the continent with C and Ku band. GILAT Satcom can now provide a fully managed TV channel distribution solution to African broadcasters for under 10K$/month.
What it means is that the company offers broadcasters a fully managed TV channel distribution to DTT/Cable/DTH platforms over C-band or Ku band capacity at a low price of 9,500$ a month over the following satellites: IS-1R, IS-901, Amos-5, HellasSat2, NSS-6, IS-17, IS-14, Astra 2B and ABS-1.

The fully managed solution includes 1.5 Mbps space segment (higher capacity is optional), Uplink service, Harmonic platform, Transmission dish with all the required RF equipment, 24/7 monitoring, signal contribution from Europe, Middle East or Africa and cross connect at London Telecity 2 or Frankfurt Interaxion.
In terms of customer requirements, we demand a 3 years commitment with 3.7m receiving dishes C-band and 2.4m receiving dishes Ku-band.

Recently, Gilat Satcom and OTT platform provider Tvinci have launched a duplex satellite-based OTT TV solution. The solution uses Gilat Satcom’s satellite-based connectivity services and Tvinci’s pay OTT platform to deliver TV content to PCs, connected TVs, set-top boxes, tablets and smartphones to regions where broadband connectivity is low. The combined service uses satellite communication to deliver video to edge points such as education centres and internet cafes before being pushed to end-devices over-the-top.
“Our mission was to bring connectivity to customers operating beyond the reach of traditional telecommunications,” said Dan Winter, CEO, Gilat Satcom. “Via the exciting combination of Tvinci’s cross-device technology and our extensive global satellite coverage, this ground-breaking project enables, for the first time, the delivery of OTT video to multiple regions in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, where broadband connectivity is currently less available.”
Q: How is Gilat supporting African broadcasters to expand and switch to digital?

The increasing pace of information today requires broadcasters to find fast and effective solutions to move content around – during gathering, post production and distribution – from any location. Field reporters send news from the farthest corners of the globe.

They need to establish high-bandwidth capacity connections on-demand. At the next phase in the process, content creators use dedicated point-to-point links to send the material to post-production facilities and prepare it for distribution. As a broadcaster, you want to distribute to the largest audience possible, which requires simultaneous transmission across the country.

Your communication platform has to provide national coverage, support point-to-multipoint connectivity and provide high bandwidth, reliable connections that will maintain the video quality and integrity.
The need – Broadcasters and content creators need effective solutions to move video content at various stages. Since video content is time-sensitive and requires large bandwidth volumes, a reliable broadband communication platform is required.

The challenge – Remote areas are often isolated and lack a terrestrial communication infrastructure. An alternative, cost-effective and high quality solution is required.
The solution – Gilat Satcom satellite-based solutions provide, on demand, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint services for broadcasters – from any location.
Gilat Satellite Broadcast Solutions provide vast national coverage, which transmit the content to multiple local distribution sites across the country simultaneously.

The high availability solution is monitored 24/7 with playout services available on request.
Gilat Satcom offers turn-key projects for broadcasters that require communication and connectivity solutions with flexible on-demand or fixed bandwidth allocation. Our CAPEX free offering is designed to eliminate the initial investment and facilitate growth.