TV5Monde launches "TV5MONDE +" catch up and VoD


TV5MONDE launched "TV5Monde +", its global platform* for VoD (video on demand) and catch up services allowing Internet users a wide range of programs broadcast on the air and access to many archives and exclusive content free for at least 7 days.

The interface offers a high quality video playback and many entries for easy reference; programmes** come from various sources such as partner channel programs, purchases / pre-purchase, and own production and can be watched, subject to the availability of rights in the area where the user connects.

A search engine provides easy navigation to find any video by name; a world map locates videos related to the region of the globe they cover; an event tab hosts event programs broadcast on the channel. All these tabs are accessible from the
home page, which also offers a carousel with the latest videos, the videos recommended by TV5Monde, most viewed by Internet users, most commented and exclusives.

Function "My" allows the user to create a personal selection. The platform is participatory: each video is open to comments and discussion, and can be shared by Internet users on social networks.

* Accessible worldwide, except USA, UK and Japan.
** WebTV Africa "TV5Monde + Africa", WebTV Youth "Tivi5mondeplus", Cinema VOD "TV5Monde + Cinema", Documentary VOD "TV5Monde + Documentaire" and the "Terriennes" portal dedicated to the status of women in the world.