Al Jazeera English shows justice is for sale for Kenya


Kenya’s judicial system is riddled with corruption, according to this week's episode of the groundbreaking Al Jazeera English series, Africa Investigates, which shows that a disturbing number of key players in the legal system can be bribed or bought.

Premiering on 14 December 2011, Kenya: Justice For Sale shows that poor Kenyans are being priced out of the justice system in a country where bribery has become the norm. According to a recent report by Transparency International, nearly ten per cent of all bribes find their way to the judiciary.

In 2003 a radical shakeup of the judiciary saw 23 judges and 82 magistrates sacked over high-profile corruption allegations.  More reforms are promised but, as this final episode in the current series of Africa Investigates will reveal, so far little has changed within the Kenyan judiciary’s culture of corruption.

Kenya: Justice For Sale screens daily from Wednesday, 14 December 2011, at the following times GMT:  Wednesday: 22:30; Thursday: 09:30; Friday: 03:30; Saturday: 16:30; Sunday: 22:30; Monday: 09:30; Tuesday: 03:30; Wednesday: 16:30. 

Africa Investigates is a groundbreaking new series that puts flesh on Al Jazeera’s ambition to give voice to the voiceless. To be an African investigative journalist can mean to face the risk of arrest, intimidation and even death. 23 journalists have been killed in Africa in 2011, according to The International News Safety Institute, so Al Jazeera English implemented strict security protocols on the series, often running to more than 40 pages per film.

Executive producer Ron McCullagh says investigative journalists across Africa live with “a level of fear few journalists in the West would endure - the constant threat of arrest on jumped up charges, intimidation, death threats, the real threat of death itself; all part of the business of minding other people's business in the interest of the public good… No reporter in the West faces such challenges. The work of these journalists represents the very best of our trade.”

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