Kenya: Kiss TV set to go national next year


Kiss Television, a subsidiary of Radio Africa Group Limited, is set to go nationwide.

The station launched two years ago was only airing in Nairobi. It has also successfully concluded an agreement with the world's biggest Christian broadcaster, God TV. This is part of the station's re-branding which will see an expected relaunch of Kiss TV by January 2012.

Kiss TV has increased its transmission capacity to span a power output from 5 to 15 kilowatts and invested heavily in transmitters which have been installed in Nyanza, Rift Valley, Coast and Western provinces. "Next year, Kenyans will be given something new. Kiss TV news is set to change and we will have Kenyan made films. Riverwood will premier on Kiss TV and also the best of Nollywood," said Radio Africa's CEO Patrick Quarcoo.

Also as part of its strategy to give its viewers the best content, the station has partnered with God TV - an international Christian television station broadcasting from Jerusalem in Israel. "God TV is the best Christian station in the world. It has world class preachers like Benny Hinn. We have come to an agreement with Kiss TV to broadcast only the best content from God TV. Kiss viewers will watch God TV between 5-9 am every morning," Quarcoo said.

The programming package includes youth programmes that will showcase live concerts from some of the world's biggest bands. This has won the channel various awards like Best Youth Programming and Best Live Event. "Kiss radio has discussed things that could not be discussed. We have been loved and loathed in equal measure. Its momentous because God is coming to Kiss TV," he said.

Quarcoo added that the station will reward its viewers over the Christmas holidays by giving them the best flat screens in the market. The station has also been airing the Champions League and it will soon air the Europa League, Bundesliga and bring live highlights from the Spanish La Liga.