Africa in Motion Film Festival 2012’s theme: Modern Africa


This year “Africa in Motion 2012” festival theme is ‘Modern Africa’. Organisers will focus on films and events that represent Africa as part and parcel of the modern, globalised world – the urban, the new, the provocative, the innovative and experimental.

According to Festival organisers:“We regard “modern” not as belonging solely to the “West”, and through the festival we want to emphasise Africa’s important role in the modern world. As such, the festival will primarily deal with manifestations of African cultures in the contemporary era, moving away from the stereotypical view of a continent locked in ancient traditions and superstition”.

The Festival will celebrate African creativity and the rich diversity of African cultures in their contemporary manifestations through showcasing films covering themes such as the role of African Diaspora in Western/Eastern societies; Africa's current political and economical position(s); how the digital revolution is affecting the continent; modern arts expressions in African cultures - i.e. dance, modern street fashion, conceptual art, etc - or how modern life has affected African tradition and ritualistic societies. The Festival is continuing with its much anticipated annual Short Film Competition and is also launching a Call for Entries for films linked with the theme of Modern Africa. An Academic Symposium on African Popular Culture will further enhance our festival theme.
It is interested in discovering and exploring through this year’s festival how modernity manifests in African cultures. It will try to get answers to questions such as:
·        How has Africa become part of the global world through processes such as migration, exile and the increasing role of the African diaspora?
·        What is Africa’s relationship with the international community in political and economic spheres?
·        How has the digital revolution affected Africa through the prevalence of technology such as the increasing use of mobile phones, satellite dishes and digital filmmaking?
·        How can modern art forms be observed in African cultures such as contemporary dance, architecture, modern street fashion, conceptual art, new fusion musical styles, street art, graffiti, graphic novels and cartoons?
·        How have African countries found modern, innovative and grassroots solutions to contemporary challenges such as resource control, environmental protection, poverty, conflict resolution, education and economic emancipation?
·        How has modern life affected African societies and individuals in terms of traditional customs and rituals, religion, rural community life, family dynamics and the role of women?
As usual, its film screenings will be accompanied by a wide range of complementary events such as directors’ Q&As and masterclasses, workshops, discussions, music performances, African dishes served in the cafe, African jewellery and crafts for sale, and filmmakers in attendance.