Investment - In Brief


- The potential merger between France 24 and RFI has been blocked. Trade unions have put RFI employees on a new strike since January 16.

- Tunisia: Funds coming indirectly to Tunisian media from the U.S. State Department programme MEPI (Middle East Partnership Initiative) have raised concerns locally over lack of transparency.

- A vote promises to be a watershed moment for shareholders in Portuguese pay-TV provider Zon Multimedia (ZON.LS). The past few years have not provided an easy ride for Zon investors and the value of their investment has shriveled from more than 9 euros in late 2007 to just 2.53 by Thursday's close. On Monday they get the chance to a approve a rule change which could significantly jazz up the stock's investment appeal. The vote is likely to open the way for one of its shareholders to snap up a larger chunk of the company and, subsequently, for a merger with another key player in Portugal.