Sub-Saharan Africa: France 24 on 95% of Pay TV


News broadcaster France 24 increased its distribution by 33 million homes last year. The company, which operates English, French and Arabic channels, reached 235 million homes at the end of December.

Of that total figure, 183 million households have 24-hour access to at least one of France 24’s channels while 52 million can watch for several hours a day as part of other channels’ schedules.

In Europe, France 24 increased its distribution by about 10% last year and currently has a penetration rate of 75% across the continent. In North Africa and the Middle East the broadcaster expanded its distribution by 8% in 2011 and currently has a penetration rate of 98.5% throughout the region. In sub-Saharan Africa, it has a coverage rate of close to 95% on pay TV platforms in the region.

In terms of platforms, 70 million households receive France 24 by free-to-air satellite, 50 million receive the channel as part of a satellite pay TV package, 27 million receive it part of a cable offer, 19 million receive it via IPTV and 17 million receive it directly via free DTT.

Frank Melloul, Head of Strategy and Development for France’s external media organisation Audiovisuel Extérieur de la France, said: “France 24 has now achieved optimum distribution in Europe, the Middle East and in Africa. This is a resounding success for a channel that was launched just five years ago.  Now we have to expand massively into new zones, in new ways and adapt to the demands of local operators, particularly in Asia and North America. Because of the original perspective it provides within the international news sector, France 24 has real assets to offer on these markets.”