Senegal: RTS sells football rights to private TV channels


In Senegal, RTS gained exclusive broadcasting rights for football’s African Cup of Nations (CAN) that it acquired from LC2. However, the public broadcaster is in partnership with Senegalese private television for the resumption of its CAN 2012 matches broadcasting signal. In addition, RTS has spent almost 150 million CFA francs for special envoys to Bata.

The public broadcaster has spared no means to acquire the broadcasting rights from TV LC2. This includes the 32 football matches played over the continental competition in order to satisfy the audience. Thus, the channel spent one million Euros, or 667 million CFA francs for two consecutive CANs (2012 and 2013). According to the head of the marketing and commercial activity, Serigne Mbaye Sarr, broadcasting rights have been, in large part, acquired on its equity. In doing so, they hope the state will support them.

Having the exclusive rights for the CAN, RTS has already established partnerships for the resumption of its signal with private television channels such as Canal Info in Senegal, 2STV and Citizen Media Group’s Africa 7.

Television Future Media (TFM) and Walf TV have not yet given their agreement to a partnership with the public channel. According to Sarr, they are still negotiating the terms. "Walf TV just wants to get a summary of the games. But I hope we will agree. With regard to TFM, the channel finds outrageous the amount we offered them for the 32 games, " he informs.

According to the head of commercial department, however, the RTS has facilitated the acquisition of rights to its competitors… Better still, payment will be made through instalments and the same amount has been set for all private channels. To those who argued that RTS requests 150 million CFA francs to its partners, Serigne Mbaye Sarr contends that it is wrong, adding that it is below that sum. Still, he said that the RTS has paid twice the broadcasting rights of the CAN. For in 2010, the station only had to pay 300 million CFA francs. It paid 150 million CFA francs for the special envoys

During the competitions, RTS’special correspondents will make summaries of the CAN, entitled "100% CAN." In addition, a team of 15 members, composed of journalists and technicians, will be sent to Bata.

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