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Technology & Convergence

- At the end of 2011, the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) launched a new service to the benefit of its member radio and TV corporations. Broadcasting Arab radio and TV programs through the Internet protocol (IPTV) is now available to all Arab communities throughout the world. Several Arab corporations have already joined the new service, allowing 61241 viewers worldwide to follow their signal from August 1 to Oct. 5, 2011. The service is made available at a low cost to both broadcasters and viewers, thanks to a cooperation protocol with the Canadian company AVC. A new website ( has also been launched to allow users to choose their preferred channels. It is to be noticed that ASBU also provides a similar service, known as the Arab Unified Bouquet and ASBU has started, in coordination with ARABSAT, a package of Arab channels operating on the satellites most commonly used by Arab communities in all parts of the world. The unified Arab bouquet includes now nineteen Arab satellite channels, while the number of those joining the new service (IPTV) stands now at 16, including 8 from Saudi Arabia, 3 from Kuwait, 2 from Syria, 2 from Sudan and Lebanese private channel (Al-Manar TV). ASBU is urging all its member corporations to join the new service for more efficiency.

- SatCom Africa 2012 to be held from 21 to 24 May 2012 at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa will be co-located with “The TV Show Africa”.
The TV Show Africa is about multiplatform TV innovation for media, telcos, advertising and business. This innovative event will cover key issues including:
The customer - driving demand and content, Multiplatform TV- IPTV and mobile TV innovation, Content and content delivery, Finance and investment, Innovation and technology, HDTV, 3D TV and online video.

- Cumulative global pay TV revenues will increase from US$147.5 billion (€111.2 billion) at end-2011 to US176.8 billion by 2016, according to new forecasts from Informa Telecoms & Media.