Cote Ouest brings Brazilian magic football to Africa – Brasileirao and Paulista available with magazine packages in English and French

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There are so few new TV sporting opportunities and even fewer football opportunities. Cote Ouest, the largest distributor of TV programmes across the African continent has sealed a new agreement with Brazil's TV Globo allowing African TV broadcasters to relay the most spectacular Brazilian football matches all year round. Rights are available for both Pay TV and Free-To-Air. Sylvain Béletre, Senior Analyst at Balancing Act interviewed Nicolas Lacassagne, Cote Ouest’s new Marketing and Programmes’ Director to find out what the deal is all about.

‘The two most impressive championships, Sao Paulo's regional Paulista and the national Brasileirao, have recently been sold to over 190 countries and are now both available for Sub-Saharan Africa via Cote Ouest’ explained Lacassagne.

‘These programmes get very high audiences among football fans since Brazilian football is seen as a World reference and is one of the most spectacular and entertaining games on the planet. TV rights are available to broadcasters across all of sub-Saharan Africa with English and very soon with French soundtracks’ Lacassagne commented.

According to Bernard Azria, CEO of Cote Ouest, "it is becoming more and more difficult for African viewers to get images of football, even of their own competitions, and I am therefore very happy to give them access to the best Brazilian championships, with some of the best teams and players in the world. I am more than convinced that the African audience will soon fall in love with Brazilian football, just as our female audience became very quickly fond of Brazil's series and telenovelas. The African and the Brazilian people have a lot in common, much more than we think".

Brazil is the current holder of the FIFA Confederations Cup after winning the 2005 and the 2009 edition of the tournament. Brazil is ranked sixth by FIFA and is consistently considered the strongest football nation in the world, and has also been marked as one of the most competitive teams of each decade since the 1960s. Brazil has the only national team to have played in every World Cup finals.

The 'Paulista' takes place from January to May and the 'Brasileirao' takes place from May to December. Each of these competitions is supplied with two 26' weekly magazines reviewing the previous week.

Broadcasters can buy either of these competitions (with two magazine programmes included) or the two (with matches and two magazines from January to December). Whoever takes the total package gets Brazilians matches all year long!

The English version is available immediately and the French version will be available when French-language channels have committed to purchase the package.

Here are the finer details:

2 championships:

- The Campeonato Paulista: a regional championship in Sao Paulo, the oldest and most prestigious Brazilian regional championship, with stars such as Juninho, Neymar, Emerson, Luis Fabiano, Lucas, Adriano Borges ... and clubs having won several times the Brazilian national championship and the Clubs' World Cup (Santos: 8 times champions of Brazil, two times world champions - Sao Paulo: six-time champions of Brazil and three times world champions - Corinthians: four-time champions of Brazil and 1 time World Champions).

The competition takes place from January to May with 20 teams and matches spread over four phases: elimination phase (all clubs meet and the top 8 in points qualify) / quarterfinals / semifinals / finals.

- Brasileirao: The Brazilian national championship (equivalent Premier League or League A) brings together all major Brazilian clubs (eight World Cups won by five of them) and all international Brazilian and South American stars operating in Brazil. The Brasileirao includes 20 teams competing over 38 days.

The competition takes place from May to December. The two participating teams meet twice each and the team with the most points at the end of the season is crowned champion of Brazil.

The average number of goals per game for the two championships is over three.
 The 2 x 26' magazines are delivered every week in addition to league matches:
· FootBrazil Highlights: summary of highlights and goals of the week;
· FootBrazil Magazine Show: football news review of the week, players' interviews and other key personalities of Brazilian football, and preview of next week.
Technical detail:

- Broadcast in HD;
- 12 cameras and up to 25 on average for the most important games of the season;
- Comments in French or English with surround stage sound;
- Post production with added graphics.

A common Brazilian quip about football is: "Os ingleses o inventaram, os brasileiros o aperfeiçoaram" which means "The English invented it, the Brazilians perfected it".

For further details on these new TV programmes, please contact Cote Ouest here  and here .

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