Hollywood hosted its first Tunisian Film Festival


The first ever Tunisian Film Festival hosted in Hollywood, California was held from January 10-12, 2012. The festival marks the one year anniversary of the Tunisian uprising.

Organised by Free Tunisia, a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting Tunisia's democratic aspirations, the festival aims to promote freedom of expression through creativity and arts.

Showcasing recent short and feature films by Tunisian artists, such as Mohamed Ali Nahdi, Majdi Msiri, Rafik Omrani, Fathi Saidi, Anis Lassoued, Ibrahim Letaief, and Hazem Birrabeh, the event's program also included roundtable discussions with the directors, visual arts exhibitions, as well as live performances by artists Emel Mathlouthi, Mark Levine, Hamza Malouch, Yasser Jeradi, MC-Rai, and many other entertainers.

While screenings of the films were held at the Barnsdall Gallery Theater, other events were organised for guests at the American Film and Music Institutes.

International festivals, and other initiatives similar to the Tunisian Film Festival in Hollywood, represent a valuable opportunity for Tunisian visual art to be showcased to international audiences and significantly enhance artists' networking possibilities.

In this year alone, Tunisian cinema was received positively at several festivals including the Bobigny Citizen Cinema Festival in France, the 5th Human Rights Festival in Dijon, the Tunisian Film Festival in Paris, and more recently the Dubai International Film Festival.

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