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Nick Grubb is back in the corporate radio world after running his own consultancy - this time for Kagiso Media as Kagiso Broadcasting COO. Grubb tells why they are pushing to view themselves as creators of content rather than broadcasters, how music programming is getting more attention and about dealing with the challenge of overseeing two new morning shows since he started in July 2011 - for both Jacaranda FM and East Coast Radio.

Video is an ideal way of increasing Facebook "likes" and the iPhone is a handy tool for the job. It enables you to record, download, edit and post simple yet effective video pieces directly to your Facebook page. Here  are some tips to help you achieve the best results. (Source: Getting the most out of video on social media, 72/15/12 by Lalita Taylor, Media Helping Media - CC-licensed, thanks to Florin Hatmanu on Flickr).