Chiomah Udeh, initiator of "The Africa International Film Festival" (AFRIFF)

Chioma Udeh is the founder of "The Africa International Film Festival" (AFRIFF), whose second edition was held from November 30 to December 4, 2011 in Lagos.

Passionate about cinema, Chiomah Udeh has worked extensively in Britain before returning to her country to live her passion. She founded a communications company, and in 2007 a pilot project "Nigerian Film & Video Censors Board" (NFVCB). The following year she produced the AMA Awards ceremony, set up the "AMA Charity Benefit", an annual event that brings together various industry players from nollywood to carry out charity work.

In 2009 Chioma Udeh deals with Nigerian production of "ION International Film Festival" (IONIFF) in the city of Port Harcourt (Rivers State). Initiated in Hollywood, IONIFF is an international tourist festival whose objective is the promotion of peace through arts, culture and cinema. Through her company, she raises funds for filmmakers and product previews for some great Nollywood productions.

Here's what she said about the AFRIFF festival...

AFRIFF is a platform for the world to zoom in on the talent and beauty of Africa through film. The festival is based on unity. It assumes that being African is a link that goes beyond geography, birth or origin, as people of African descent are installed around the world and Africa is also a beloved land for many non-Africans.

The vision is that AFRIFF reflects a true common African identity and restores Africa as a "house" for all original. Africa was able to capture the attention of the world for its ancient cultural heritage, and as a land of early civilization. With film, you have the power to connect people around the world, creating a common unity.

During 2011, African American actresses Tichina Arnold and Lynn Whitfield were guests of honour. Alongside them as in the first edition, both local and international filmmakers, actors, directors, film buyers, distributors, artists, journalists, movie fans ... had travelled to the five-day festival.