DStv kicks off the Human Season on BBC Knowledge


On Sunday February 12th the temperature was lowered in Nelson Mandela Square when a three ton, 22 metre long ice sculpture was erected to spell out a fascinating fact about the human body.  The structure marked the launch of the much anticipated Human Season which will air on BBC Knowledge (channel 251 on DStv) from Tuesday 14th February. Programmes will continue every Tuesday and Thursday for 8 weeks.

Featuring award-winning programmes such as Human Planet, Inside the Human Body, Pleasure and Pain and The Origins of Us, the Human Season will explore our development as a species – from how humans have adapted to every habitat on the planet to survive to how every cell in our bodies has changed to evolve our anatomy.

From the spectacular photography of Human Planet to the cutting edge CGI technology of The Human Body, the season will explore what it means to be human - tackling questions like: How and why do we feel emotion?  How have we adapted to our environments?  What is our Future?

Prominent UK experts including Alice Roberts and Michael Mosley - leading lights in their chosen fields – bring these investigations to life with their passion and sense of wonder.

Jon Farrar, VP Programming for EMEA, BBC Worldwide channels said: “The Human Season is the most ambitious programme event we have ever done on BBC Knowledge, exploring what it means to be human. How did we come to exist? Why are we the world's most successful animal? Why do we feel emotions? And what is our destiny? I hope it will be fascinating, insightful, and full of unforgettable moments”.

Sunday’s stunt was focused on how the human body has adapted to its harshest environments, in this case the scorching heat of the desert.  The sculpture will demonstrate how much water the average body loses in just one hour in the Sahara.

More fascinating facts about the Human Season can be found here: