Cape Town Television (CTV) licensed 6 of Theo E. Davids’ films


Perseverance pays off. Cape Town Television (CTV) has agreed to license 6 of Theo E. Davids films to be screened on CTV's television station as from Tuesday 14 February 2012. CTV has a combined viewership of over 5 million people.

Each month one of Theo. E David's films will be screened on CTV until December 2012. Each film will be screened three times during the same month at different time slots.

The 6 films are: Cape Flats Jol, The Child is the father of man; The Park; Determined, Life’s a joke and the 4 episodes drama series Tears in the shadow of the mountain. All these films were directed by Theo.E.Davids and 4 of them were written by him as well.

The first screening on CTV will be of the comedy film Cape Flats Jol, while the other 5 of his films will be screened on a monthly basis until December 2012.

Theo received his advanced screen-writing training from the first NFVF/SEDIBA feature film screen-writing course in 2005 under the guidance of Clarence Hamilton, Alby James, Julie Hall and Thandi Brewer.

Theo E. Davids is a lifelong resident of the township of Bridgetown near Athlone on the Cape Flats. He is an ex-teacher and received his film training in screenwriting and directing from Hollywood Film Institute, SABC, SEDIBA and The National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF). He is currently the artistic director of Bridgetown Theatre Company.

In December 2011, Theo completed directing of the film Quest which is currently in post production and will be released in June 2012. In December 2011, he was afforded funding by the NFVF to write screenplay for his feature film "A biettere life for almal" (A better life for all). The script is currently in development under the guidance of the multi talented and renowned script editor Julie Hall.

A biettere life for almal is about when a peace-loving student's rebellious action during the 1985 anti-apartheid uprising on the Cape Flats results in unusual consequences for four of his present day acquaintances. The film highlights the role of the coloured community in the 1980's and their part in the political struggle for a free and democratic South Africa.

In 2008/9 Theo, together with his producer brother Trevor Davids, script editor Dermod Judge and his talented co- writers Zulpha Otto-Sallies and Akieda Mohhammed completed the SABC funded and SEDIBA/NFVF tuitioned screenplays for Theo's 4 episode x 48 television drama series "Township Melody".

On the screening of his films on CTV Theo had this to say: "I could not have achieved my success as a screenwriter if it was not for the fantastic support and valuable knowledge I received from the NFVF/SEDIBA screenwriting course. For this I will be always indebted to the NFVF and can only repay them by writing screenplays and directing films that they would be proud of."

"Even though four of my films were previously screened on SABC, I feel humbled and honoured to see 6 of my films screened by CTV. I am elated by the fact that hard work, dedication and commitment to one's God given talent have borne fruits. But mostly I am extremely happy for the many first time actors and crew that participated in my films and to see their amazing talent shine through. They are truly the heroes of these films and they deserve all the credit and glory because without them all my films would have never seen the light of day."

"To them I am eternally thankful and wish to thank them for their unconditional love and sacrifices. May the exposure that they receive from these screenings give them the opportunity to go onto greater heights and may they be abundantly blessed."

All my films were in the true sense of the word a collaborative effort and may it also be a metaphor for our beautiful country South Africa that people from all walks of life, races and creeds can work together if they have a common goal: The greater sacrifice for the common good of others."

For more information: 0027 82 5363651