Tanzania’s The Village of Perceived Justice released


A new film by the name of The village of perceived justice is just about to be released in Dar es Salaam as confirmed by producers Policy Forum and Kanumba the Great Film.The film aims at educating the community on good governance and accountability from local government level to national level.

The Co-chair of the film Ebron Mwakagenda said the focus is on reducing poverty and increasing equity as well as to modify the democratic shape while bringing good governance as a responsibility vested in every body.“One of the most important aspects for good governance in includes encouraging the monitoring of power in the provincial councils and sub-cabinet level”. Mwakagenda said.

He went on to say that the film portrays the need for transparency and accountability as valued aspects which every person needs to nurture. According to Mwakagenda, the film shows the way system and processes of governing in local government level are carried out in connection with allocation of resources, and the level of prudence is attained to benefit the public on daily basis, from infrastructure to health care and other services.
Steven Kanumba said the film aims to develop the ability and opportunity for ordinary citizens to be informed and educated in bringing awareness about their rights.“People have to know the demanding voice of their needs, to monitor the conduct of the government and demand of accountability and improvement of service delivery”, said Kanumba. 

He added that the film’s ingredients will help the government to be transparent and observe prudence to community funds spent, since people knows how their resources are utilized according to the prevailing priorities and value to resolve their shortfalls.