African film festivals in Italy building momentum


Under an apparent discretion, Italy has a few major festivals devoted to Africa and open to cinema in French: Milan, Verona, Padua, Parma, Trieste. We should add those of Roma, Torino or Asuni (in Sardinia which provides exceptional rétrospective). By subtitling films in Italian, organisers make them win new audiences.
Verona: Africa under the balcony of love
A few months ago, the Festival of Verona hosted the publication of the book: « Camera Africa: Classici, black Nollywood e e nuova the Generazione del Cinema delle Afriche » ("Camera Africa: Classic, black and Nollywood - and the new generation of cinema of Africas "), directed by Vanessa Lanari in collaboration with Fabrizio Colombo and Stefano Gaiga. Some filmmakers discuss their favorite movies which include authors, Raja Amari, Tunisian filmmaker who says what the film Hyènes (Mambéty, Senegal) was remarkedable.

This book - published by Edizioni Cierre from the Sequenze collection with the support of the foundation lettera27 - matured since 2010 to be part of the celebration of the 30th edition of the oldest Italian festival dedicated around African cinemas. Since 1980, the African Film Festival of Verona offers films in competition and a selection of the best productions from Africa.
The city is famous for the loves of Romeo and Julliette: tourists parade to enjoy the balcony (rebuilt) of Juliette;
Born in 1831 in Limone sul Garda (Brescia - Italy), it is in Verona where he studied that the young Daniele Comboni discovered his vocation that will make him one of the greatest missionaries of the Christian church. This led him to Central Africa particularly Khartoum (capital of Sudan). True to his credo, "O Nigrizia o morte" ("Africa or Death"), he founded the institute Comboniani in Verona in 1867.
One hundred and thirteen (113) years later, the Comboni missionaries create the film festival dedicated to the African continent. Francophone cinema is the main content, however the organizers helped publicize the cinema of East Africa (esp. From Kenya) predominantly English.
Film critics invited since 1981 are Tahar Chikhaoui (Tunisia), Baba Diop (Senegal), Guido Convents (Belgium), Annamaria Gallone (Italy) and Clement Tapsoba (Burkina Faso). Except for the latter, all others have contributed to the ‘Camera Africa’ book.

First site solely dedicated to cinemas from African and from its Diaspora, Africiné (Dakar) also proposed other authors such as Meriam Azizi (Tunisia).

Among the book contributors, there are other Italian scholars of African cinemas: Alessandro Jedlowsky and Farah Polato. The latter teaches at the University of Padua which developed ImmaginAfrica, an African film dating event. Padua festival beginning one week before Verona, under the leadership of the university Silvia Bankrupt (ImmaginAfrica coordinator) and Prof. Farah Polato.