CCTV to produce 20 ‘Faces of Africa’ documentaries


A24 Media is excited to announce the new partnership with China Central Television (CCTV) to produce 20 documentaries for the CCTV series “FACES OF AFRICA”.
CCTV’s commitment to bringing viewers the most compelling, inspiring and charismatic personalities from our continent is consistent with A24 MEDIA’s mandate to show the world the best of Africa.

The weekly series airs Sundays at 19 :30 Central African time, 17 :30 GMT on CCTV News, which is seen across Africa and around the globe.  They can also be seen on-line by visiting here:

A24 MEDIA would like to invite all of our viewers and friends to take the time to enjoy a unique storytelling experience and learn more about our culture, our heroes, our neighbours.
The debut production of A24 MEDIA’s contribution to CCTV’s fine series will be March 25th with “Our Film Future”, taking us to Arusha, Tanzania to meet the students and faculty of the Kilimanjaro Film Institute.

In the coming weeks, CCTV and A24 MEDIA will treat our audience to programs about Ugandan entrepreneur Grace Nanyonga, Ghana’s first female pilot Patricia Mawuli, and a four-part series on Nelson Mandela and his effect on modern South Africans.
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